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Wondering if you’re in the clear to pass that upcoming drug test? The Quick Test will quickly and easily let you know if there are any drug toxins present in your body. Manufactured by the makers of Quick Fix (the world’s most widely used and trusted synthetic urine), the Quick Test is a 10 panel drug screen you can take by yourself easily from the comfort of your own home. Grab yours today so you can be sure you’ll pass that drug test - it might just save your job!

When you use drugs, your body breaks down your drug of choice into chemical compounds called “drug metabolites”. These chemicals are typically what drug tests look for because it shows that you’ve used drugs and that your body has fully processed them. The Quick Test comes with 2, 10 panel tests so you can either share one with a friend or take the test twice and track your detox progress. Each test checks for the presence of metabolites for the ten most common drugs used around the world (marijuana, amphetamines, meth, MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, barbiturates, phencyclidine, oxycodone, morphine, and benzodiazepines).

To use, simply fill a sample container with your own urine and dip the test in your pee. Within just a few minutes, the card will show your results. The test results are super simple to read. For each of the ten drugs, there will be a positive or negative indicator on the card that will show you if you’ve peed clean or if you still have any drug toxins present in your body.

The Quick Test is super simple to use and you won’t need any additional assistance. It’s also highly accurate and is a very cost effective solution for determining if you have drug byproducts remaining in your system. If you’ve got a drug test coming up and have recently used drugs, it’s important to know if you’ll pass or not. Spectrum Labs, the manufacturers of the Quick Test, are dedicated to helping you keep what happens in your private life…well…private!

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming drug test or you just want to get an accurate reading of your body’s current drug toxin levels, snag yourself a Quick Test and you’ll be able to know if you can pee clean within minutes!

To get even more bang for your buck, check out the Quick Test Plus. It comes with 2 of the same 10 panel drug tests as the Quick Test, but it also comes with 2 sample containers to fill with urine AND a bottle of Quick Fix Plus that you can use as a control sample. Since Quick Fix Plus is identical to human urine, but doesn’t contain any drug toxins, it will test negative every time!