Quick Fix Plus Urine Value Pack

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Wanna save some cash and stock up on synthetic urine? Here’s your chance! In this bundle, you’ll get 4 bottles of Quick Fix Plus for the price of 3. If you’re giving synthetic golden showers on the regular, this value pack is a must-have. Whether you share your stash with your friends, or you keep it to yourself, you’ll save big and get 4 bottles of the highest quality fake whiz money can buy!


For over 26 years, Spectrum Labs (the manufacturers of Quick Fix) have been producing the best synthetic urine on the market. Since it was introduced in the early 90s, Quick Fix has been trusted by millions of satisfied customers to fill all their synthetic urine needs. And, since Spectrum Labs continues to update the Quick Fix formula to stay ahead of urine testing standards, it remains the industry leader when it comes to fake piss.


Guaranteed to be toxin free, undetectable, and 100% effective, every bottle of Quick Fix Plus comes with 3oz of high quality synthetic pee you can use anywhere you need a cleaner and safer alternative for your own whiz. Each batch has been pretested in a laboratory to ensure you always get fresh pee that’s even better than the stuff your body produces naturally! Every bottle of Quick Fix Plus comes premixed with urea, creatinine, and uric acid and even has been balanced to have the same pH and specific gravity as real pee. But, because Quick Fix Plus doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or bacteria, it can be used for many novelty and fetish purposes to keep you and your loved ones safe. In fact, Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine is so similar to real pee, many lab technicians will use a bottle of it to help them calibrate their urinalysis equipment. It’s so close to the real deal that even high tech lab equipment can’t tell the difference between your own piss and bottle of Quick Fix!


Since Quick Fix Plus comes as a premixed formula, all you have to do before you use it is heat your bottle up to body temperature. Just stick it in the microwave with the cap off for 10 seconds, or until the attached temperature strip shows a reading between 94 and 100 degrees. Then, if you need to keep your synthetic urine warm for awhile, you can use the included heating pack to maintain its temperature for up to 8 hours. Simply attach the heat pack to the bottle of Quick Fix Plus using the included rubber band. Before you let it flow, double check the temperature strip to make sure it reads between 94-100, give the bottle a shake and it will start foaming like actual pee, open the flip-top cap, and dispense your liquid gold wherever you need it most!


If you’re frequently getting wet and wild with synthetic piss, grab this value pack and you’ll be able to stock up and save on the best fake pee available!