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If you’re looking to detoxify your urine quickly and easily, Quick Clear Detox Drinks are the way to go! With just one of these potent beverages, you’ll be able to fully rid your urine of all drug toxins for several hours - allowing you to pee clean on a drug test, even if you’ve recently used drugs! They’re easy to use and require no prep work - just chug ‘em down and you’ll be all set to pass your test. With two tasty flavors to choose from (Mango Orange and Blueberry Açai), Quick Clear Detox Drinks are definitely the most delicious way to pass your drug test!

Manufactured by the makers of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, Quick Clear Detox Drinks are made from 100% all natural and organic ingredients. The majority of detox drinks are only meant for light to moderate users who weigh less than 200 pounds. Not these detox beverages! Each Quick Clear Detox Drink comes with 20oz of delicious liquid, plus 8 supplement capsules to increase the efficiency of the detox process. Quick Clear is guaranteed to work for people of all sizes, no matter their consumption levels!

How do they work? Drug toxins can get stored in your fat cells and, when those cells are burned for energy, it releases these toxins back into your body where they eventually exit through your urine. Quick Clear Detox Drinks contain a proprietary blend of vitamins and herbs that work with your body to prevent it from releasing any drug toxins for several hours. The drink’s efficiency peaks about 2 hours after you drink it, but its effects last for up to 5 hours - that gives you plenty of time to pee clean on your test!

To use, simply drink 20oz of water, wait 20 minutes, shake the drink up and drink the full bottle while taking the 8 supplement capsules. Wait another 20 minutes and drink another 20oz of water. That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

Even though your body won’t be releasing any drug toxins for several hours, there may still be toxins remaining in your bladder and urinary tract. Try to pee at least 3 times after finishing the drink (but before your test) in order to fully flush these from your system. Also, try to drink exactly 12oz of water every hour before your test - don’t drink any more than this because it could cause your urine to be too diluted and may make you have to take a retest.

If you need to quickly flush out drug toxins from your pee so you can pass a urine test, Quick Clear Detox Drinks will save the day! Easy to use and guaranteed to work for people of all weights and consumption levels, these detox beverages are definitely the tastiest way to pass a drug test!